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Citrus fruits

Cyprus offers a full selection of high quality citrus fruit, i.e. different species of lemons, grapefruit, oranges and tangerines available from October to June. The cultivation of the Cypriot citrus fruit occupy ca. 54,000 hectares, mostly in the south-western part of the island, near Limassol and Pafos. Plantations of oranges cover 1830ha, of tangerines 2000ha, of lemons 850ha and of grapefruits 720ha.


Climatic and soil conditions prevailing in these regions – almost ideal for the cultivation of citrus fruit make the fruit exceptionally sweet and juicy.rted.


The main recipients of the Cypriot citrus fruit are European Union countries – 81.8% (mainly Great Britain – more than ¼ of the whole Cypriot export of citrus fruit, as well as, among others, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland in small quantities), 18.2% of the export reaches other countries (among others, Ukraine, Russia, Hong Kong, Canada).


Export of citrus fruit from Cyprus is conducted by specialized producers – export companies that have the appropriate licenses and are supervised by the appropriate agenda of the Ministry of Agriculture, and the exported goods have all certificates required in Europe. The largest intensification of citrus fruit export is between December and April.




Inseparably associated with Cyprus and its culinary tradition, are grown almost commonly in the whole island. The tradition and professionalism in plantation cultivations result in Cypriot lemons enjoying deserved international reputation, distinguished by thin peel and characteristic juiciness. Approximately 75% of the harvest is intended for export, mainly in Winter and Spring season.


Main species: Lapithiodiko, Eureka, Lizbon


Season: October – May




More than 50 years of experience of planters is paying off with distinguishing quality of Cypriot oranges that are reaching new markets. Main farmlands are concentrated around Limassol, along the south coast to Pafos and in the central part of the island. Professionalism of the manufacturers and exporters combined with considerable investment expenditures (modern sorting, warehouses and cold stores, labelling systems, automated packing systems etc.) provide proper standardization of the product and brand, as well as quality control throughout the chain from the manufacturer to the buyer.


Main species: Navel, Oval, late Valnecia


Season: December-June




Cypriot grapefruits are considered one of the best in the world owing to their unique taste and great content of juice and sugar. Until recently, Cyprus specialized mainly in so-called white grapefruits, which were grown mostly in the vicinity of Limassol. Plantations of red grapefruits created on the western coast (Pafos region) have significantly extended the export offer, gaining customers around the world.


Main species: White Marsh Seedless, Star Ruby, Rio Red


Season: October – June


Mandarins and their crossbreeds:


Cypriot planters have huge experience in the cultivation of so-called soft citrus fruit and in the development of new assortments coming from their crossbreeds. The original production based on clementines was expanded with new species, especially being the crossbreed of the mandarin and orange – Mandora and mandarin and grapefruit – Minneola. They are very sweet, juicy and easily peeled, therefore, they are very popular among consumers. Mandora is currently the largest Cypriot agricultural product among citrus fruit. Mandarins were initially grown only in the vicinity of Limassol, with time they spread onto other areas of cultivation of citrus fruit and their number is still growing in response to the constantly growing market demand.


Main species Clementine, Mandora, Minneloa, Nova


Clementine November- December
Mandora February-April
Minneola January-March


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