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Potatoes are the most important agricultural export product of Cyprus. Their cultivation is concentrated in the south-east part of the island, mainly in the area east of Larnaka, on the areas known for special red soil that is rich in minerals (the so-called strip of “red villages”) providing the fruit with the extraordinary taste and quality. Thanks to its properties Cypriot potatoes also have an easily recognizable reddish peel.


Climatic conditions prevailing in Cyprus make all offered potatoes intended for export the new potatoes, not stored or clamped, and the natural calendar of their collection makes them available for European recipients beyond the traditional “continental” season. Grown and packed in a particularly careful manner, with small participation of machine work, they are delivered to the recipient practically directly from farmlands. They are suitable for both direct consumption and industrial purposes.


The main player on the Cypriot potato market is the Cyprus Potato Marketing Board organization running the promotional activity and export on behalf of a number of the manufacturers. Potatoes are also exported via a number of other specialized producer-export companies that have the relevant licenses and are supervised by appropriate agenda of the Ministry of Agriculture, while the exported goods meet all standards and are equipped with the certificates required in Europe.


Traditionally, the largest recipient of the Cypriot potato in Winter season is Greece (38.5% of the whole export), getting ahead of Great Britain (21.4% of the export) and Germany (11.4%)- in Spring season the countries that import the most are: Germany (21.7% the entire export), Greece (18.3%), Belgium (18%) and Great Britain (12.9%). Among the countries outside the European Union, the most important recipients of the Cypriot potatoes are Croatia, Norway and Switzerland.


Winter potatoes: November-March
Spring potatoes: February–June


Main species: Spunta, Marfona, Tsar, Nicola, Sieglinde, Diamanti, Timate, Accent, Liseta, Charlotte, Ditta, Filea, Obelix, Superstar


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