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Clothes and textiles

The Cypriot clothing industry has undergone the process of fundamental modernization and restructuring over recent years, which resulted in the fact that it is now characterized by great professionalism, efficiency, reliability, flexibility and versatility, and the Cypriot clothing enjoys the reputation of good tailoring and elegance, matching the best European standards, both in terms of design and manufacturing.


Cypriot clothing companies are specialized both in the production of knitted fabrics and in sewing men’s, ladies’ and children’s clothes, sports and elegant evening clothes, in manufacturing leather products and a wide range of hosiery. The Cypriot industry uses the whole scope of fabrics and materials offered by global manufacturers -starting from skin and suede, through cotton and ending with noble silks and chiffon – however, the true Cypriot specialization is lace (the famous lace centre in Lefkara).


The recognized advantage of the Cypriot clothing sector is its flexibility – it can cope with both large, wholesale orders, niche markets orders in small series, as well as special orders. Orders are realized in a short time, and producers can manufacture both trademark clothes and private label clothing. Cypriot clothing manufacturers participate actively at fairs around the world. Value of the Cypriot export of clothes amounted to 8mln EUR in 2005. Most export – about 90% goes to European countries, mainly the UK, as well as to the USA.


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