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Furniture and accessories

Cyprus is constantly strengthening its position as a recognized centre of excellent furniture design which is supported by training young artists in the field of designing both domestic and industrial furniture. Modern concepts coexist here with the traditional approach, resulting in very interesting effects sought by the buyers from many countries in the world.


The basic raw material in the production of Cypriot furniture is natural wood from such species of trees as alder, birch, cherry, oak, pine, walnut and yew. Not less popular, especially in case of more modern designs, are also other materials, such as: glass, skin, metal or stone. Many kinds of furniture are still made by hand, and skills such as woodwork, restoration of antique furniture, designing, veneering, marquetry and wood treatment are passed down from generation to generation in Cyprus.


The Cypriot furniture industry is able to please demanding international recipients, offering modern design and a broad selection of interesting premium products: upholstered furniture, wooden and metal, office furniture, household and garden furniture, sofas, carpets and many other products – not to mention excellent reproductions of old furniture. Cypriot mattresses have also gained great recognition on global markets. They are produced in many types: orthopaedic, anatomical, mattresses with advanced technology of independent springs, so-called pocket springs – all models meet the highest EU standards.


Interests of the Cypriot furniture industry are represented by the “Cyprus Furniture & Woodworking Industry Association” (PASYVEX) established in 1958, which supervises the production methods, compliance with quality control systems and conducts promotional and marketing activities for companies associated in it.


Cypriot manufacturers participate actively at many specialized, international exhibitions – for years they are regular participants at the furniture fairs held in the UK and Germany


Great Britain is traditionally the largest foreign recipient of Cypriot furniture – about 40% of the entire export goes there. Major recipients of Cypriot furniture are also Germany and Greece. Growth in the export of Cypriot furniture observed in recent years has occurred, however, mainly thanks to an effective entrance of the Cypriot manufacturers to, among others, France, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Qatar markets.


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Cyprus Furniture & Woodworking Industry Association (PASYVEX)
30 Grivas Dhigenis Ave.
1066 Nicosia
tel: +357 22 665 102
fax: +357 22 669 459


as well as on the website: www.cyprusfurniture.com