EXPORT OFFER: Breeding fish, Citrus fruits, Cold meats and meat products, Halloumi and other cheese products, Melons and watermelons, Olive oil, Potatoes, Table grapes, Wines and alcohols, Vegetables and herbs, Aluminium products, Clothes and textiles, Furniture and accessories, Pharmaceutical products...
Cyprus Trade Centre in Poland
ul. J. Dąbrowskiego 70
02-561 Warszawa
tel: +48 22 854 01 77
fax: +48 22 854 01 80
e-mail: ctc@cyprustrade.pl
CTC Worldwide
Investor service centre

Foreign investor in Cyprus can find assistance of state institutions, which provide complex services for foreign investors, starting from the stage of market research and recognition of investment possibilities.


Their activities  include:


  • promotion of Cyprus as a centre of international business and investment
  • organization of promotional campaigns and information disseminating knowledge about the attractiveness and competitiveness of Cyprus
  • providing potential investors with information on the Cypriot, financial, tax, etc. regulations
  • counselling with regard to the possibilities of using various kinds of allowances, incentives and benefits such as the system of subsidies which are offered by the state to investors
  • contact with different departments and government institutions and facilitating the process of obtaining necessary licenses, permits etc. required in order to implement a particular project
  • assistance in the development of the already existing investment projects and supporting investors’ economic activity in Cyprus



Contact address of the institutions:


Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency
Severis Building, 9 Makariou III Ave. 4th Floor, Nicosia, 1065 Cyprus
Tel.: +357 22 441133
Fax .:+357 22 441134
E-mail: info@investcyprus.org.cy



Point of Single Contact Cyprus
13-15 Andreas Araouzos Street,
1421 Nicosia, Cyprus
Tel.: +357 22 40 93 18/21/26
Fax .:+357 22 40 94 32
E-mail: psccyprus@mcit.gov.cy