EXPORT OFFER: Breeding fish, Citrus fruits, Cold meats and meat products, Halloumi and other cheese products, Melons and watermelons, Olive oil, Potatoes, Table grapes, Wines and alcohols, Vegetables and herbs, Aluminium products, Clothes and textiles, Furniture and accessories, Pharmaceutical products...
Cyprus Trade Centre in Poland
ul. J. Dąbrowskiego 70
02-561 Warszawa
tel: +48 22 854 01 77
fax: +48 22 854 01 80
e-mail: ctc@cyprustrade.pl
CTC Worldwide

Economic achievements and business attractiveness of Cyprus are based primarily on the dynamic development of services the importance of which is expressed in more than 80% share of this sector in the creation of domestic products (GDP).


Cyprus offers a wide range of services which are rendered at the highest world level and professional business-related services in such domains as: accounting and auditing, banking and finance, business consulting, IT, industrial and artistic designing, education, telecommuniactions, engineering and construction, law, sailing and maritime transport management, medicine and health protection, insurance, international marketing, tourism, fair, exhibition services, organization of conferences and promotional campaigns and many, many others.


For more information please visit Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency (www.cipa.org.cy) and Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (www.ccci.org.cy)