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Cyprus Trade Centre in Poland
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CTC Worldwide
Legal, financial, accounting and consultancy services

From the premises that information, knowledge and qualifications are the key to welfare and safe, long-term economic development, practical conclusions have been drawn in Cyprus, among others, focusing on the development of qualified business and professional services. Easy access, scope and perfect level of offered legal, accounting, financial, insurance, consulting, marketing, etc. services are of special importance for the image of Cyprus as a highly competitive, international business centre.


A broad range of legal services, also including economic transactions, is offered by dozens of law firms and offices in all major centres of Cyprus. Some of them specialize in specific areas of trade (marine, civil affairs, real estate market, establishment and administration of companies, creation of holdings, mergers, financial marketing, etc.) – larger ones have a complex offer covering many areas of law. Cypriot Lawyers – mostly educated at the best universities in Europe and USA are known in the business world for their qualifications and effectiveness.

Association of Cyprus lawyers:  www.cyprusbarassociation.org

The policy of attracting international companies and other business entities to Cyprus has created, in the context of the development of financial engineering, tax consulting etc., special conditions for the development of the sector of accounting, auditing services, financial and tax consulting
in Cyprus.


Many multinational accounting and auditing companies have their extensive branch offices on the Island, dozens of recognized and competent Cypriot companies and hundreds of individually operating accountants, auditors, advisors etc. operate there. Most of them acquired their education in the UK and are members of such professional organizations as the Institute of Chartered Accountants relatively Chartered the Association of Certified Accountants.


Addresses of some companies providing accounting and auditing services can be found on the website: www.cyprusaccountants.com.cy


The extensive system of banking and financial services satisfies needs of both economic trade and natural persons. The network of commercial banks and specialized financial institutions offers a full and diverse range of local, national or international services addressed both to companies and individuals. Among others, the offer includes insurance, leasing, purchases funding, credits, factoring, investment funds management, investment advisory, trust, assets management etc.


Operations of Cypriot banks (10 commercial banks) and foreign units (30 so-called International Banking Units) are based on modern, transparent legal regulations, consistent with EU standards.


The stock exchange (CSE). has operated in Cyprus since 1996. Foreign investors may invest on it on the same terms as Cypriot investors (i.e. with some restrictions related to the banking sector).


Addresses of commercial banks and financial institutions can be found on the website: www.acb.com.cy


Both Cypriots and foreigners residing on the Island enjoy a modern, comprehensive offer of the developed insurance sector, created by both local companies and international companies having their branches or agents in Cyprus, which offer insurance for virtually all possible risks.