EXPORT OFFER: Breeding fish, Citrus fruits, Cold meats and meat products, Halloumi and other cheese products, Melons and watermelons, Olive oil, Potatoes, Table grapes, Wines and alcohols, Vegetables and herbs, Aluminium products, Clothes and textiles, Furniture and accessories, Pharmaceutical products...
Cyprus Trade Centre in Poland
ul. J. Dąbrowskiego 70
02-561 Warszawa
tel: +48 22 854 01 77
fax: +48 22 854 01 80
e-mail: ctc@cyprustrade.pl
CTC Worldwide
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Embassy of Cyprus in Poland



General portals
www.cyprus.gov.cy – The official information portal of the Republic of Cyprus
www.cyprusprofile.com/en/ – current informaton on Cyprus

www.moi.gov.cy/pio – Press and Information Office (governmental information office)
www.cyprusnet.com – Commercial information portal


Investments, economic activities, statistics 

www.mcit.gov.cy – Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism

www.cipa.org.cy – Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency (everything about investing, establishing companies, taxes etc.)
www.mcit.gov.cy/drcor – Department of Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver (register companies)

www.mof.gov.cy – Ministry of Finance
www.mof.gov.cy/ce – Department of Customs and Excise (customs duty, customs regulations, excise, taxes)
www.mof.gov.cy/cystat – Statistics and Research Department (economic statistics)
www.mlsi.gov.cy/dl – Labour Department (employment, social benefits)


Business Associations
www.ccci.org.cy – Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry – CCCI

www.oeb.org.cy – Cyprus Employers and Industrialists Federation (OEB)

www.ciba-cy.org – Cyprus International Business Association

www.cyprusbarassociation.org – Cyprus Bar Association (catalogue of Cypriot lawyers)


Fairs and exhibitions
www.csfa.org.cy – Cyprus State Fairs Authority (main organizer of fair events)


Financial institutions
www.centralbank.gov.cy – Central Bank of Cyprus
www.accb.com.cy – Association of Cyprus Commercial Banks (list commercial banks)
www.cse.com.cy – Cyprus Stock Exchange




www.visitcyprus.org.cy – Cyprus Tourism Organisation
www.acta.org.cy – Association of Cyprus Travel Agents (travel agencies, hotels)
www.lot.com – PLL LOT
www.mfa.gov.cy – Travel Information for Foreign Visitors



www.cie.org.cy – Cyprus Institute of Energy

www.cypruslawdigest.com – Cyprus Law Digest
www.moi.gov.cy/moi/pio/pio.nsf/links_en/links_en – Other Complete catalogue of public and private organizations in Cyprus